Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Since I have discovered knitting blogs I have become obsessed with them. I have decided to create my own, after some prompting from fellow bloggers, since I seem to post comments on a regular basis. I learned to knit 12 1/2 years ago but wasn't consistent with it until a new shop opened up here about 3 years ago. The owner and her staff our fabulous and are good friends of mine. I go there quite a bit.

I joined Sock Wars and have sent my socks off to Ken in Maine. (Hi Ken, look I have a blog now!)
I haven't heard from my assassin and I don't even know if she is still playing. Hopefully I will get my socks soon. I guess I am not suppose to be looking forward to being "killed" but what a way to die!! DEATH BY SOCKS!! Not too bad in my opinion!!

Well, I need run! I have an appointment with my chiropractor, then it is on to The Yellow Dog for some knitting with a friend.


maggie said...

nice blog mom!!! yay!!

Dixie, Yellow Dog said...

You are the Uber Diva!!!!! Now I get to keep my eye on you!

christine said...

Yeah, Jaci - welcome to blogland!!!

Life's a Stitch said...

Welcome to blogland! I was where you are two years ago and I'm still having fun.

Sarah R said...

Woot! Someone else I can lurk over. . . :P