Monday, February 18, 2008


I can't believe I was so close to the Mall of America this weekend and didn't get to go to the Knit Out. We were 30 minutes south of there for a volleyball tournament. I thought we would be able to leave between games, but when the girls weren't playing they had to referee other games. We didn't get done until 8:30 on Saturday night. We were back in Belle Plaine at 7:30 am on Sunday and left at 5:00. Check out Shelly's blog. She was at the Knit Out and has some good pictures.

We stopped in Hudson to eat on the way home. While I was getting out of the car, I realized too late that my foot was wrapped in the strap of my knitting bag! I fell and tried to brace myself with my hands. I think I sprained my right wrist. It hurts terribly and I am having some tingling and numbness in my fingers. I'm going to the chiropractor and she what she thinks. What a moron I am!!

Maggie said it was pretty funny when I fell. She said one minute I was getting out of the car and the next she saw me crawling up the side of the car. I'm sure it was a sight to see!!

My son turns 15 today! We are taking some of his friends to a movie this afternoon then just the family out to dinner tonight. Wow, I can't believe how fast the time has gone. 15 years, unbelieveable.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008


I have been knitting, just not blogging or taking pictures. I have started my Diva sweater and started another pair of mittens. My arthritis is really acting up so I haven't knit for a few days. I'm hoping that maybe tomorrow I can do some more knitting and perhaps get some pictures taken.

My husband gave me my Valentine's gift tonight. He bought me a sterling silver Green Bay Packer watch. It is really pretty. I had a wish list of several items at my favorite jewelry store, Williams Diamond Center, and this was on my list. I had some very reasonably priced items, starting at $54 and going all the way up to $3200. It doesn't hurt to dream does it? Well, the watch was at the lower end of the price list. I knew I wouldn't get any of the higher priced items, and that is okay. It was just fun going in and putting beautiful things on the list. I was happy that the watch was on sale. My husband is very good about gift giving. I guess I've trained him well :)

This weekend Maggie has a two day volleyball tournament up in the Twin Cities. We will be going up Saturday morning. Our hotel is in Eden Prairie and I'm hoping we will have some time to go to the Mall of America. I love to look at the shoes at Nordstrom's.

Okay, I'm tired so I'm going to get to bed. Happy knitting!!

Sunday, February 03, 2008


I am in the angry stage of grief. I'm not mad at God or anyone, I'm just angry that Gracie is gone. I miss her. Thank you to my friends who have called, sent cards, and wonderful comments on my blog. I appreciate all of your kindness.

Tom has been gone to a manager's meeting in California since Thursday so I've been single parenting it. The time has gone fast and the kids have been pretty good. Tom will be home between 3:30 and 4:00. Just in time to settle in to watch the Super Bowl.

Maggie and I had some blood work done to check for food and chemical sensitivities. We can no longer have cow's milk, goat's milk, cane sugar, yeast, wheat, broccoli, and a lot of others. I can't have saccharine or aspartame, either. I've found Agave nectar and it seems to work okay in my cup of tea. I've tried to start drinking rice milk. It will take some getting used to, but I can do it. Maggie is having a harder time. She's a teenager and doesn't want to give up pizza, pop, junk food. This was her last weekend for a lot of that. She went to a sleepover both Friday and Saturday nights. My mission is to find a cook book to help me figure out what she can take to school for lunch. She also had a severe reaction to chlorine, so she needs to stop drinking city water. Thank goodness we have well water here at home. Just a new adventure in my job as mother.

I've done a gauge swatch for my Hanne Falkenberg Diva sweater and am working on another. I want to be sure I get right on gauge so the sweater fits and looks nice. It was a lot to spend on a sweater, but I really like the looks of it.

Off to go to the store and get some food ready for the Big game. I am hoping the Giants win. I just think the Patriots are a bit too full of themselves. (And they cheated in the beginning of the season)