Monday, May 19, 2008

They grow up....

Maggie had her 8th grade graduation dance Friday night. This is a picture of her with Tom. It amazes me how fast she is growing up. I'm a proud mama. She is a beautiful, kind hearted young woman. One of her good friends had a party after the dance. The family opened their pool early so the kids could swim. It rained a bit, but they were able to swim and enjoy the hot tub. I helped supervise, and it was a joy to see all of the kids having a good time. Maggie has a really nice group of friends.

I joined the 52 pair plunge, which means that from June 1, 2008 to June 1, 2009 I need to knit 52 pairs of socks. Crazy, huh? I have three single socks, so they can count when I get the mates finished. I wonder if I'll be able to do this. It's good to have goals, right? We'll see how this goes.

The sun is shining right now, but it is cold!!! I wish we would get some 70-75 degree temps that would stay. We've had a few warm days this spring, but they are few and far between. I think we will be opening our pool next week, but I'm not sure about heating it yet. It seems too silly to waste the gas heating the thing when the nights are still in the 40's! Well, the laundry awaits my attention. Happy knitting!

Monday, May 12, 2008


Today is Patrick's birthday. He is 11. Wow, how did that happen? The years have just flown by. Life continues to be a whirlwind. Having three kids is busy, add in a few favorite sports, music lessons, church activities, hobbies, and school activities, and that about sums up life these days. Patrick is winding up with his Elementary school days, and Maggie is almost finished with Middle school. May continues to be a crazy month.

Happy belated Mother's Day to the mothers reading this. I didn't even spend much time with my own kids. I went up to my parent's house to see my mom. Patrick had baseball practice and I knew that we wouldn't have time to drive up there, visit, and get back here in time for practice. Since he didn't go, then Grant didn't want to go and neither did Maggie. It was not fun spending Mother's Day without my own kids, so next year, I am expecting breakfast in bed and some quality time with my kids. I've already informed Tom of my plans:) He is okay with it.

Posts will be sporadic throughout the next month or so. I am knitting, just not that much. I keep reading blogs and will continue to try to stay connected that way. For now, happy knitting.

Friday, May 02, 2008

Still here....

I haven't posted in a month. It's not that I haven't been knitting, I have been. I need to bind off a sock and then I'll post a picture. I'm not sure, but I just haven't felt like blogging. I am reading blogs everyday, but my blogging mojo is just not here.

I'm recovering from my surgery as expected. I did too much after the first two weeks and had a bit of a set back. I really tire easily, so I am trying to rest. I'm still a mom, so the kids and their schedules keep me busy. The other night I was in bed at 8:00! As soon as I am done posting this, I'll be going to bed. I am tired tonight. Maggie is playing softball again this spring and Patrick is playing baseball. It is a busy time of year for our family. Last weekend we went to Milwaukee to watch the Brewer's play the Florida Marlin's. The boys didn't want to go to the game on Saturday night, so I stayed at the hotel with them. It was a good idea, because when I snuggled into read my book, I fell asleep for a couple hours. The boys were great and watched a movie.

This cold, rainy, and snowy spring really stinks. I really need the sun to shine! It is starting to get me down. Maybe that's why I don't feel like knitting much. I just can't seem to manage much joy from anything right now. It's stressful with two teenagers and an almost 11 year old. I know that when I have more energy things will get better. Okay, so sorry for this lack luster post. Anyone out there have any ideas to cheer me up? Good kid stories, jokes, etc.? Pet stories? Funny husband/significant other stories? I could use a good laugh.