Monday, May 12, 2008


Today is Patrick's birthday. He is 11. Wow, how did that happen? The years have just flown by. Life continues to be a whirlwind. Having three kids is busy, add in a few favorite sports, music lessons, church activities, hobbies, and school activities, and that about sums up life these days. Patrick is winding up with his Elementary school days, and Maggie is almost finished with Middle school. May continues to be a crazy month.

Happy belated Mother's Day to the mothers reading this. I didn't even spend much time with my own kids. I went up to my parent's house to see my mom. Patrick had baseball practice and I knew that we wouldn't have time to drive up there, visit, and get back here in time for practice. Since he didn't go, then Grant didn't want to go and neither did Maggie. It was not fun spending Mother's Day without my own kids, so next year, I am expecting breakfast in bed and some quality time with my kids. I've already informed Tom of my plans:) He is okay with it.

Posts will be sporadic throughout the next month or so. I am knitting, just not that much. I keep reading blogs and will continue to try to stay connected that way. For now, happy knitting.

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Life's a Stitch said...

It seems the older they get the faster it goes. We're about to go through our third and final high school graduation. Hopefully. It's weeks away and he doesn't seem motivated to finish.