Saturday, November 29, 2008

Knitted Bliss......

I have been trying to get one of these cute knitted rabbits for over a year. Guess what? Yesterday I was lucky enough to have been stalking ETSY and this one popped up. I snagged him right away. Anders is now on the way to me from the UK. Julie has two kids and a busy life taking care of them. She knits to relax and also add some income for her family. Pop on over to read her

Grant and Patrick put up the Christmas tree last night and put the lights on. They did a pretty good job. I may have to adjust the lights a bit to hide the wires, and we are going to move it into the study. We are going to get a bigger tree from Sandy to put in the family room. We have a higher ceiling in there, so we can go with a bigger tree. Tonight and tomorrow we will decorate the trees and I'll start on the staircase and rest of the house. I love decorating for Christmas.

Tom and Maggie will be going to the Packer game tomorrow. I'm so glad Tom is able to take the time to have one on one time with the kids. Maggie enjoys having her dad all to her self, too. I am going to work on some socks. I have four singles that need mates. I used to be very good about finishing a whole pair of socks, but some how I caught SSS. Must work on correcting that tomorrow. Happy Knitting!!

ETA: Julie has an ETSY shop as well as this shop.

Friday, November 28, 2008

The day after.....

We had a very nice Thanksgiving. I am so tired today! My friend Sandy and her boyfriend, Greg came over early in the afternoon and stayed until late last night. The kids were wonderful and I think Grant appreciated being home and not having a lot of extra people in the house. Greg brought fireworks and the kids loved that. Let's just say I'm glad the Sheriff's department didn't show up!!!! Very nice display and it wasn't even 4th of July. Last night Maggie went to stand in line at Best Buy with her friends Zac and Lexi. Zac wanted to get a computer when the store opened at 4 this morning. I haven't talked to her yet because I'm guessing she's still sleeping.

Today Tom and I are going to buy a new Christmas tree. It is an artificial one that already has lights on it. Sandy works at a flower shop and is going to give us a good deal. :)
Tonight we are going out to dinner at The Creamery with Sandy and Greg and our neighbors Tom and Darla. It will be fun. They have wonderful food!!! A friend of Tom's bought the Creamery a few months ago with his brother and it is fun to run into him when we are there. He lives two weeks in California and two weeks here.

Well, I hope everyone had a nice Thanksgiving (here in the US) and gets a lot of knitting time in over the weekend. I finished my cowl and am loving it!!!! Happy knitting!

Sunday, November 23, 2008


It seems like forever since this has been on. We are watching it right now.


Yarn: Hand Maiden Casbah Loopified colorway
Pattern:Gloria Cowl

I'm loving this yarn!! It is so soft. This was a special color for The Loopy Ewe's second anniversary. It is going to match my ski jacket perfectly. (Not that I ski or anything)

We are staying home for Thanksgiving and having a low key day, just the five of us. I will be baking pies with my neighbor on Tuesday. She makes great pie crust and is going to teach me how. I usually just use Pillsb*ry, but I really want to make it from scratch after tasting her pie crust. She made a pie for Tom on his 50th birthday on Oct. 26.

I hope you all have a nice Thanksgiving (if you celebrate) Happy knitting!

Thursday, November 13, 2008


Well, since I only had two commenters that donated to their area shelters, both of you are winners. I have another skein of Yarn Pirate Yarn in the Cupcake colorway, which is cream, pink, and brown. So Since Turtle commented first, she gets the June Bug and Kristen gets the Cupcake. Send me an email to jaciquigleyATcharterDOTnet with your snail mail address and I'll get your yarn in the mail. I'm sorry I didn't do this Monday night, but my back was causing problems and I took a sleeping pill and was in bed by 6:00 that night.

So far this week I've been helping a neighbor with her puppy. He is a handful and she is having some personal problems and just couldn't handle him. He was here Tuesday through this morning. She took him to a horse farm where someone is going to try and train him. I tried, but he was so mean to my dog Todd. I really thought he was going to hurt him. I feel bad that I couldn't keep him, but I already have two dogs and two cats.

On to the knitting news, well there really isn't any. :( I spent last week getting ready for my annual scrapbooking weekend. It was fun and I got a lot done, but have a lot more to do to get Maggie's book caught up. Grant and Patrick's books need my attention too. I am much more organized now, so it will be easier to grab a few pictures and do a couple pages each day.

It's currently raining again. We've seen some snowflakes this past week too. I just with the sun would shine! I'm off to snuggle with the dogs for a bit and I may actually knit. Happy knitting!

ETA: Sorry about the spelling errors, I was in a hurry this morning. Also, the puppy is going back to the breeder. It's best for their family and him. I'm so sad that I couldn't keep him, but this is for the best.

Saturday, November 01, 2008

I decided to change the look of the blog because it's been TWO YEARS since I started blogging. I'm having a contest for this skein of Yarn Pirate June Bug Yarn. In order to be entered into the drawing, donate $20 or more to your local animal shelter and post about it on your blog, then leave me a comment. If you don't have a blog, then just let me know in the comments that you donated. I'd like to have the donations reach at least $100 dollars, so pass the word along to other knitters and friends. The contest will be open until November 10th at 6:00 pm. central standard time.


Yes, I finally have some knitting to show. I finished Tom's felted slippers and a scarf. I am currently working on making mittens for Maggie's friends, a baby sweater, and some socks.

I used Cascade 220 for the slippers and the scarf was made from Wollmeise in the Paul color way.

It's been a busy month. Maggie is done with volleyball, attended Memorial's homecoming, and is in kickball tournament for a friends dad who has cancer. The tournament is part of a benefit to raise money for his cancer treatment. Grant has his permit now and that is a little nerve wracking. Patrick is adjusting to middle school and has really improved his grades.

Maggie in her homecoming dress. Maggie dressed up as Madonna for a Halloween party.
I took a spinning class the other night at The Yellow Dog. I also took a class on dying yarn.

I'll try to post more often. Have a good weekend and happy knitting!