Saturday, November 29, 2008

Knitted Bliss......

I have been trying to get one of these cute knitted rabbits for over a year. Guess what? Yesterday I was lucky enough to have been stalking ETSY and this one popped up. I snagged him right away. Anders is now on the way to me from the UK. Julie has two kids and a busy life taking care of them. She knits to relax and also add some income for her family. Pop on over to read her

Grant and Patrick put up the Christmas tree last night and put the lights on. They did a pretty good job. I may have to adjust the lights a bit to hide the wires, and we are going to move it into the study. We are going to get a bigger tree from Sandy to put in the family room. We have a higher ceiling in there, so we can go with a bigger tree. Tonight and tomorrow we will decorate the trees and I'll start on the staircase and rest of the house. I love decorating for Christmas.

Tom and Maggie will be going to the Packer game tomorrow. I'm so glad Tom is able to take the time to have one on one time with the kids. Maggie enjoys having her dad all to her self, too. I am going to work on some socks. I have four singles that need mates. I used to be very good about finishing a whole pair of socks, but some how I caught SSS. Must work on correcting that tomorrow. Happy Knitting!!

ETA: Julie has an ETSY shop as well as this shop.


Turtle said...

i have seen those bunies before and they are so adorable! Oooh a packer game! My favorite team and i have yet to see them play live, someday! Our tree is up and naked but up! the rest of the house looks like xmas threw up , inside and out! love it

Kristen said...

What a darling bunny!
And the lovely sock yarn arrived last night! I can't wait to knit it up!
Thank you so much.