Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Cable Knit Mug

I saw this on Vicki's blog and wanted one. Yesterday I was running errands and went to Starbucks to get one. They have yarn ball decorations for Christmas. If you are near a Starbucks, go in just to see the decorations if you don't buy coffee, etc. I bet you will want a mug, though.I have been working on a sock and have an idea in my head for a cable sweater. It is based on a sweater I noticed Blythe Danner wearing in the movie, Meet the Parents. I've seen this movie several times, but the other night I really noticed this sweater. Now I'm trying to gather some cable patterns together for swatching and design the sweater. I may be in over my head, but why not try?

The kids don't have school today due to a staff development day. It snowed a little last night, so the boys went out to try sledding. Not enough snow for that, but they had fun. It helps get me in the mood to finish decorating.

Well, I'm off to get some work done. Happy knitting!!

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Dianne said...

LOVE that mug! I don't drink Starbucks, but I've got to go into one to look for that mug!!!