Saturday, December 27, 2008

The Shack

I have wanted to read The Shack for a while now. I was asked if I would lead a high school book club at church and this is the first book we are going to discuss. I spent the day reading it. I found this book amazing. I don't have the words to describe how I'm feeling right now. I am looking forward to Jan. 19 when the book club will be meeting for the first time. I want all of my kids to read this book. Okay, Patrick may be too young, but I will want him to read this at some point in his life. I am going to strongly encourage both of my older kids to read it.

We had a nice Christmas. Everyone was pleased with their gifts. We all went to the movie Valkyrie yesterday. It was pretty good, but sad. I think I would have rather gone to Marley and Me, but the rest of the family picked Valkyrie. I did get a movie gift certificate in my stocking, so I will be going to see Marley and Me during this Christmas break.

I joined a swap on Ravelry, so tomorrow I need to start my project for my swap partner. I am going to make her some socks, but I haven't decided on a pattern yet. Something simple, cuz I am so slow at knitting socks and these need to be sent to her by Feb. 1. Yes, that is a month or so away and for some of you fast knitters this seems a long time. For me it is not long enough. I'll have to hope that my wrists don't get angry and make sure I have lots of ibuprophen on hand. I should get to bed. I'm such a night owl. Happy knitting!!!

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