Sunday, December 07, 2008


I have a terrible sore throat and feel like crap. I do not have time to be sick. The silver lining in this?....knitting without feeling guilty. I'm watching the Packer game and sipping tea while knitting and blogging. Two out of four Christmas trees are decorated and one mantle is 3/4 done. If this is all that gets done this year, oh well, that's okay.

Yesterday we had a knit in at church. It was a lot of fun and wonderful soup and bread were served for lunch along with many yummy treats. I worked on my sock in progress and then last night worked on a fingerless mitt pattern that I picked up at church. I am going to give them to my friend, Amy, who does my nails and hair. I think she'll like them. I know she will appreciate the handmade gift, because she makes glass beads and sells them.

Well, I need to pay attention to the game. Tom and Patrick are there, so I'm going to see if I can spot them in the crowd. Happy knitting!!

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