Sunday, November 23, 2008


It seems like forever since this has been on. We are watching it right now.


Yarn: Hand Maiden Casbah Loopified colorway
Pattern:Gloria Cowl

I'm loving this yarn!! It is so soft. This was a special color for The Loopy Ewe's second anniversary. It is going to match my ski jacket perfectly. (Not that I ski or anything)

We are staying home for Thanksgiving and having a low key day, just the five of us. I will be baking pies with my neighbor on Tuesday. She makes great pie crust and is going to teach me how. I usually just use Pillsb*ry, but I really want to make it from scratch after tasting her pie crust. She made a pie for Tom on his 50th birthday on Oct. 26.

I hope you all have a nice Thanksgiving (if you celebrate) Happy knitting!

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Turtle said...

hope your thanksgiving was a great one! love the cowl. I won't be skiing if i don't drop the 15 pounds i found to be able to fit into my ski pants, smile!