Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Head Cold!!
I have a nasty head cold and I feel like crap!! I don't even want to knit. Isn't that terrible! My best friend, Chris, is bringing me some Fresca, nasal spray, and Sudafed. She is so good to me!! Maggie (my daughter) is home today with a bad headache, I hope she is not getting this icky cold!! I'm going back to the couch to cuddle with the dogs and cats. Hopefully I will have some knitting news soon. Check out Scout's Swag (link at right), she has my yarn I asked her to dye for me up on her blog. Isn't it great?! Happy knitting!


Karen said...

Oh no, I was hoping you would have gotten better since your last post. Sending you happy, feel better thoughts!!

Cindy B said...

Hope you feel better soon Jaci!!