Saturday, December 09, 2006

The tree has lights and ornaments, finally!! We put the stockings up and a few other decorations. It's beginning to look like Christmas! I have most of my shopping done and wrapped. I will work on the cards this week, and then next week will be for all the wonderful baking.

On the knitting front: I am working on my scarf, and hope to have it done for a picture tomorrow. My youngest, Patrick, is making a scarf too, so I will add that picture tomorrow also. I have my wish list on file down at The Yellow Dog, so hopefully hubby will go get some of the items next week. He took Miss Maggie out to the mall today and I guess they shopped for me there. All the presents under the tree are driving Patrick nuts!! Poor kid, he'll just have to wait. I will have some good photos tomorrow. Meanwhile, Happy knitting!

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Karen said...

Whoa, you are so organized!!! Sounds like there won't be any holiday stress for you! Good for you - that's how it should be. :)