Monday, March 03, 2008

We had my friend's daughter take pictures of Gracie last August since we weren't sure how long we would have her in our lives. This one is probably my favorite. I am so thankful that I have this one. I have set it to be my background on the computer screen. I wanted to share it with all of you. It really shows what a sweetie she was and how much fun we had watching her. I love how you can see her pretty pink nose and tongue. I'm missing her a lot and have been a bit emotional the past few days about her. Adding to the mood is stress over dealing with teenagers. I know that the decisions Tom and I make are in the best interests of the kids, but d@mn, it is hard. Someday the kids will know we did our best and hopefully with see that we just wanted to help shape them into wonderful members of society. We are trying to find the balance between being too strict yet giving limits that are appropriate for them. If they get to do whatever they want at 15 and 13 1/2 what do they have to look forward too? Is it ever going to be enough? Well, I hope you all enjoy my picture of Gracie. She gave me a lot of unconditional love, and I guess I'm missing that. Teenagers don't quite get that yet:(


Karen said...

Gracie is just beautiful. I know how blessed you were to have her in your life, and I also know how very hard it is to have lost her. I'm right there with you - so please feel free to e-mail me any time you need someone to "talk" to.

Twinkerbell said...

Just popping over from mostlyselftaught knitter. That is a beautiful picture of Gracie, animals are such sweet blessings and we are so lucky when we get to have them in our lives.