Wednesday, March 26, 2008

No bread or pasta....

I had a good conversation today with the pre-op nurse. She had this same surgery a year ago, so in between asking me all the required questions, I'd interject a little question of my own. She told me that I wouldn't be eating any bread or pasta for at least a month if not longer. Boy, do I love bread and pasta. Also, no soda pop for a long time. In the end this will all be worth it. We all know that soda isn't very good for a body, so this may be just the thing I need to give it up. A good side effect of this will be some much needed weight loss. Tom called me earlier and asked if I was packed and ready to go. I let him know that my knitting was all ready. He said, "Yeah, who needs clean underwear when you've got knitting." Too funny!

Okay, Miss Maggie and I are off to confirmation. I'll update as soon as I feel better. Happy knitting!

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Twinkerbell said...

Hope all went well. Will be waiting for your next blog. PS very jealous, someday I'm going to score a wollmeise sock yarn, lol. I hear it's just wonderful!