Monday, August 13, 2007

Warning....Picture Heavy Post....
Here is a picture of Maggie holding Bruce, last Monday at the hospital. Hopefully we will get up to New Richmond sometime this week to see him again.

This is a picture of the sweater I am crocheting. I hope to have it done in time for my 25th class reunion on August 25.

Here is a picture of my Packer sock in progress from the yarn that Shelly dyed for me.

This picture is of the yarn that I got from Scout. I really love the skein she dyed for me to match Gracie. She is calling the colorway, Kitty. The other skein is for more Packer socks. I know, I am a bit obsessed with my football team, but I can't help it. I love 'em!

We have Patrick's party tonight for his All-Star team. Pizza and pop at the ball field. How fun is that? I don't have to cook so it is a wonderful night for me. Today has been a crazy day running errands so I am looking forward to the party and some down time. I am planning on trying to clean out the basement and organize my scrapbooking supplies and get my yarn stash photographed. I am hoping that my invitation to Ravelry
will be arriving sometime in the next week or two. Okay, I'm off to change some laundry around and get some crocheting done.


b said...

Your crochet sweater looks great! Is it fun to crochet?

Karen said...

Awww, isn't he the cutest little baby?? Your new yarn from Scout is beautiful. That's a great idea to start taking pictures of your stash yarn now, in preparation for Ravelry. I wish I had thought of that! Have you checked to see how far down the invite list you are? You'll have to let us know when you are in!