Friday, March 23, 2007

Just a quick post today. Our cat, Richie, is in the hospital!! He was throwing up a lot on Wednesday, so I took him in to the vet. They kept him over night, and ended up doing exploratory surgery yesterday. He had a lot of bleeding ulcers in his stomach and an obstruction in his small intestine. He may have swallowed a string cheese wrapper that he found in one of the boy's garbage cans!! They think he may have Inflammatory Bowel Disease!! They took a biopsy of the stomach and are watching him. He may not come home until tomorrow or Monday. What a way to spend Spring Break!! It had only been three months since Mel died, and I am still grieving so my nerves are not the best to deal with this whole new episode! I love these animals of mine so much. Thankfully we have a very good vet clinic who takes very good care of my furry kids!! We have kept the clinic busy since about October when I took Gracie in for a sore on her neck. It ended up being from scratching at her ear which was plugged with wax and she ended up going under anethesia and having it removed to finding out she had a punctured ear drum. Mel had a yeast infection in his ears over Thanksgiving, died in December of cancer, Kipper had a bladder infection shortly after that, we got Todd and all of the vet stuff that goes along with a puppy, I took him in on Tuesday for a bump on his neck, which is a result of all the vaccination, and then was back with Richie on Wednesday!! My husband told me to ask if they are going to add a wing to the vet hospital and name it after us!! Thank goodness he loves these animals as much as I do, and has a good job!! Okay, enough!!

I am off to the Yellow Dog for some adult time and knitting!!! Have a good weekend. Happy knitting!!

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Anonymous said...


What an ordeal with your cat! I hope everything turns out OK. I know how difficult it is be caught up with an ill pet. They truly are part of the family.
Happy knitting and time to take care of yourself,

Your Secret Pal.