Tuesday, March 27, 2007


These are Maggie's mittens that I finished almost four weeks ago. I must get this camera fixed or else buy a new one!!!

Mr. Todd got into my yarn while I was working on the baby sweater this afternoon!! Did I scold him right away? No, I ran to get the camera!!! I am not a very strict mama!!
Todd and Richie are really good friends. Todd doesn't understand why Richie isn't very playful right now, but the vet said that by this weekend, Richie will be more like himself.


Beth said...

The cuddle picture is 100% adorable!

Beth in WI said...

Hey, nice mittens! Did you use a regular pattern or just knit them as you went along?

Thanks for linking to my blog...maybe I will see you at Yellow Dog sometime.

Dixie, Yellow Dog said...

Hey girlie, bring Mr T in again! We should have him meet Radar!

pamela wynne said...

oh, so cute! and the mittens look good too. ;)

Life's a Stitch said...

Ms. Grace got into my yarn once; she usually sticks to my needle tip covers. We eventally find them in the yard. Yukk.