Friday, November 10, 2006

We are having our first snow storm of the season. The roads are terrible!! It took me about an hour to take my kids to school this morning!! I can't believe what morons some people are when driving on a snowy day!! The visibility was terrible and there were people who only cleaned off a small portion of their windshield to drive this morning! Do they not think that maybe they may want to see out the other windows? I am not going anywhere until 1:30 this afternoon. Grant has a Veteran's Day program at his middle school and the band is playing. They also made quilt squares in 7th grade last year and now the quilts will be displayed. His square was in honor of my dad who served in the Korean war.

I started a scarf so hopefully I can finish that today and post a picture tomorrow. I hope everyone has a good day!! Be careful if you are driving in snow!!


Karen said...

Oh yuck - I despise having to go out in the snow. :( Be careful in your travels . . . although you are right, it's the other drivers who are the worst. Stay warm and I'll look forward to seeing your scarf tomorrow.

wendy g said...

Wow, I can't believe all of that snow! Looks like a good day to stay in and knit. Have a good weekend.