Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Okay, I forgot to take pictures of the scarves before I took them to The Yellow Dog today. Well, actually, I forgot to get batteries for my camera and then take pictures. Three scarves done for the record. I made a dishcloth for my mom last night and started another. I can't believe that I learned how to knit by making these. The sugar and cream yarn isn't the nicest stuff to work with! I have become a yarn snob! Sorry!! I really like the good stuff though.

I am starting some socks with some LUSH yarn. It is so soft!! Maybe I will remember to get batteries tonight after church council and take some pictures tomorrow.

Okay, anyone out there have suggestions for making teen boys happy with food choices after school???!!! I have bought Hungry Man dinners, Mac'nCheese, Soup, Cereal, Lunchmeat, bread, Cheese, Lettuce, Tomatoes, PBJ, Rice Cakes, Cheeze-It mix, Carnation Instant Breakfast, fruit, Microwave Popcorn!!! He stills says we have "nothing in the house!" AGHHHHH!!!! I bet if I had a bunch of candy and chips he would be happy!! I only get soda once in a while and the candy and chips are a rare treat too. Any suggestions would be helpful.

I need to run now and look over stuff for council tonight. I am doing the devotions/book study leader!! This is not my strong point. I can talk about knitting forever, but this stuff is really scary for me!! Wish me luck!! Happy knitting!!

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Karen said...

Hey, I learned to knit with Sugar n Creme too . . . on dishcloths. I even made a few teddy bears with it. Once I knit with nice wool I realized how much harder I had made learning to knit on myself by using that cotton. :)