Monday, November 13, 2006


I love that the Green Bay Packers beat the Minnesota Vikings yesterday in Minneapolis!! YEAH!! The Packers have not had the best football seasons the past few years to say the least, but whenever they beat the Vikings, it is a good day for me!!

I finished another scarf for our cancer project and started yet another. My camera batteries are dead, so I will post pictures tomorrow.

Confession time: This weekend my daughter is going deer hunting for the first time and I am a wreck!! I know she is well prepared having taken hunter's safety and shooting her gun, etc. but I am still nervous about having her out in the woods with a gun. She will be hunting with my brothers and nephews and one niece, and I trust them all, but she's my girl, and it scares me. Just one more chapter in our lives that I have to let go and trust she will be fine. I never knew how difficult it would be to let my kids grow up!!
Have a good day, and Happy Knitting!!


CB said...

Yes, it us. We have a group blog. Just trying it out to see how it works . . . so far so good. I have been checking your blog pretty often. I just have not left a comment yet! Good job! Not so hard is it. Have a great week. See you on Wednesday.

P.S. Maggie will be fine, I am sure it!

Karen said...

Don't worry, I'd be a wreck too. My brother used to go deer hunting a lot when he lived in upstate NY and it always made me really nervous. Sounds like she'll be in good hands though, so I know everything will be fine. It's okay to worry a bit though.

Sarah R said...

Jaci, like it's really hard to beat the Viks this year. . . Seriously. . .
I hope all goes well for Maggie hunting! Maybe she will get "the big one" and show up your brother?!?