Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Election Day!!!

We have a marriage amendment to vote on today and it is confusing the h#*l out of me!! I'm not sure if I voted the right way or not!!! Why can't they just word the stupid things in ways that everyone can understand!!! I don't want to get a law degree just so I can vote how I really feel about issues!!! This is the first time since I have been 18 that I have been so confused when I went to vote!!!! I guess my hubby voted one way and I voted the other, so I guess we just canceled out each other on this amendment!!

Knitting news: I still haven't taken a picture of Miss Maggie's mittens. Our LYS shot a commercial today and my wonderful friend who owns the store asked me to come down to be part of it!! Isn't that fun?! I had to be shopping!!! That was a stretch for me, but someone had to do it!! LOL (For those of you reading this who really don't know me very well, I tend to be a bit of a shop-a-holic when it comes to yarn, books, needles, bags, ect.)

I will be starting some scarves tonight for cancer patients at our two hospitals. Last year a group of women started this great program and I made a few scarves. This year we hope to get even more scarves and even for some men. It makes me feel good when I can do something for others. I figure that I get to use my knitting hobby for the good of others and that is just fun for me.

Well, I'm going to start a scarf and watch the election results!! Happy knitting!!

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Karen said...

I agree - making it confusing about which way you are voting is just not right. Just word it straight out!! How cool that you were in a commercial for your LYS - that must have been so much fun! I guess it made it easy to draw your acting inspiration form real life.