Monday, September 03, 2007


Most people reflect on the year at the beginning, in January. Well, I found myself doing this today. Last Labor Day I was in a lot of pain due to my back and I remember spending time reading knitting blogs. It was a wonderful way to spend my day. I was excited for the kids to start school, but was a bit sad because I knew I would miss them. Today, I read some blogs, worked on cleaning up my desk, did some paper crafting, listened to podcasts, knit, and did some laundry. I am not sad about the kids starting school. I really need a break from the fighting and constant mess in the kitchen. My back isn't really any better, I'm just getting used to the discomfort. I stopped working out regularly about a year ago because of my back issues, and now find myself heavier than I'd like to be. I love to eat and don't always want to make the best choices. Well, it is time to get serious again. I must start to write down everything I eat and exercise. With the start of a new school year I don't have the excuse of being home with the kids.

I find myself in awe that I have one of my kid's starting High School. I hope he has a good time during his years at Memorial. Can it really be 20+ years since I walked into my high school as a freshman? What a day that was. I know that I'll blink and the next four years will be history and he'll be going to college.

Maggie is excited about 8th grade(well the social part anyway). She will be playing fall softball as well as volleyball. I think that 8th grade was one of my favorites of all my years in school. She is growing up so fast and is becoming a beautiful young woman.

Patrick is entering his last year of elementary school. It seems like yesterday when I was taking him to kindergarten. I remember on the way to school him asking me, "Mom, who will you have tea with now?" It was so bittersweet. I find myself looking forward to a peaceful cup of tea on Wednesday morning when they are all in school.

The Packer socks are almost done, so I may have a picture on Wednesday. I forgot to mention in my post about the Fair, that Shelly gave me two skeins of her dyed yarn. They are beautiful! Thanks, Shelly. Well, I'm off to have dinner with my family and work on the socks. Happy knitting!

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