Saturday, September 08, 2007

What a difference a good night's sleep makes. I'm feeling less overwhelmed today. I know that the doctor's will figure out what is wrong with Maggie and she will start to feel better soon.
This first picture is of the boy's clothes that were laid out in the bathroom the other night. They have been trying to get prepared the night before school, so the mornings go a bit smoother for us all. I saw the post-it note on Grant's clothes and it touched me so much I just had to take pictures.

This is what Patrick had written for his big brother....
I thought that was so sweet. They fight like cats and dogs, and then it find something like this. After I took the picture, I went upstairs to bed and they were sleeping in Grant's bed. Crazy! If I made them share a room they would hate it. I'm glad for the good moments, it helps get through the rough ones.
This picture was taken on Wednesday, Patrick's first day of school. I'm happy to report that Grant is feeling much better about high school and enjoys the freedom of going off campus for lunch. I'm sure that when the snow starts to fly and the temperature drops it won't be as much fun, but for now if this helps him get through his day, then I'm fine with it.
Finally, my Packer socks/anklets. They are done just in time for the first game tomorrow. Tom and Grant will be going to GB for the game. I will be home with the other two. Maggie was suppose to start her fall softball season tomorrow, but under the circumstances she won't be. I'm hoping that she will be able to go to school on Monday for at least part of the day.

I requested her homework yesterday, and when I stopped in after school, there wasn't any! How can that be? She has missed the first week of school. I know her friends have had work, because I've talked to some parents. I'm a bit upset about them not getting me her work. I don't want her to get farther behind than she already is. She wants to get caught up too. I just don't understand when you have a parent and student willing to try to keep up and contact the school, why the teacher's couldn't follow through. Please don't send me any comments on how hard teacher's work. I know that, I used to be a teacher. My only thing is, is that if they have assigned homework for the whole class, how hard would it be to let the counselor's office know what those assignments were?

Well, I'm going to relax today and knit. The weather is beautiful, so I may even sit outside. (If the mosquitoes don't get me) Have a great weekend! Happy knitting!

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Jan B. said...

Jaqi - We have the best system at our school. Each teacher posts all assignments online within a pre-developed system. All I have to do is log in to see either of the kids assignments, their past assignments and the grades for those assignments. Tests and quizzes are there, too. I always know what's been assigned every day. It makes it so easy to nag the kids about homework! :-))