Thursday, September 13, 2007

Back to the doctor......

This time with the boys. They both have strep throat!!! Ugh! It's only the second week of school!! Help me!! They were complaining last night of sore throats and I told them to see how they felt this morning before deciding if they should go to school or not. Well, they both woke up and said that their throats hurt quite a bit. I kept them home from school and we went to the doctor this afternoon and now they are both on Amoxicillin. Patrick seems to be doing better than Grant. Grant has been whining all day long. I'm sorry he is sick, but oh my goodness. I don't need to hear the whining for hours and hours. It's not like he is two or three years old!! Yikes!

I have no knitting news at all:( I'm not quite sure where this week has gone, but I haven't done much knitting at all. Hopefully tomorrow the boys will be better and won't need quite so much attention and I can get some knitting time in. I will not be going back to school now or in the future. Tom really doesn't want me to. My job is taking care of the family and that's just the way it is. The time from now and when Patrick graduates from High school will just fly by. I will have to see how I feel in eight years, whether I want to pursue a new career or not.

I hope the sun shines tomorrow, I really don't like cloudy days. I'm going to get into bed and snuggle with the dogs. Happy knitting!

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