Sunday, July 29, 2007


The crocheting is coming along pretty well. I am enjoy the process and I like how the sweater will look.

I'm trying to distract myself because hubby let the boys go out to star gaze and I am a bit nervous. We live in a nicely wooded area with a meadow near by, but it gets very dark at night. I like having everyone in the house by this time of night. Our nephew is staying with us for a week, and I'm not sure how his mom would feel about him being out this late. They have another 19 minutes to be out there. I'm sure they are fine, I'm just a worry wart.

I took Miss Maggie to camp this afternoon. She was so excited. She is in a cabin with a lot of her friends, and some more friends are in a cabin about 20 steps away. I was remembering back to when she went to camp 5 years ago and how I cried so much when I dropped her off. It was the fear of the unknown for me. I hadn't ever been to this camp and she was so little. It was strange dropping her off in the care of two counselors that I hadn't met before. She had a great time and has kept going back. I remember that I slept in her room two of the nights she was gone!! I missed her so much that it hurt. I will still miss her this week while she is gone, but I won't sleep in her room and it doesn't hurt that much anymore. I guess this is all in the process of letting my child grow up and away. She informed me that when she is 16 she wants to be a counselor at this camp. Wow, she would be gone all summer. That will be hard, but a good learning experience for me. She will go to college someday and be gone for a lot longer. Why is it so painful to let your kids grow up?

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