Sunday, July 22, 2007


Wow, Maggie and I had a great time!! Lots of good music and fun. I can't believe I actually saw Jon Bon Jovi!!!! It was simply AMAZING! I know it is like screaming when you capitalize all the letters in a word, but I don't care! That was my intent. Reba was wonderful and she had Kelly Clarkson with her. Montgomery Gentry fantastic as well as our favorite, Trace Atkins. I bid on a signed guitar from him and we got it. It now has a new home in Maggie's room. I told her that if I find that on the floor in a messy room, it will become mine. We'll see how long the room stays clean. I'm guessing a few days.

Patrick's team took second in the baseball tournament. He did very well again.

I am so tired, so I am off to bed to read more of my new Harry Potter book and get a good night of sleep. Happy knitting!!

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