Tuesday, July 24, 2007


With the last Harry Potter book. I won't put anything on here to spoil it for anyone. Just read it!
I stayed up too late this morning (2:45) trying to finish it. I fell asleep and had to finish it later this morning.

I haven't knit for almost a week. That's what happens when you go to Country Jam for three days, a baseball tournament, and read a new book. I have to clean the house before Tom's brother and nephew get here on Saturday for a family wedding. Tomorrow I take Gracie back to the U of MN for a check up. I think they will do x-rays and another echo. She seems to be doing fine, so hopefully the tests will confirm that for me. I am too tired today to knit, so I guess some of the cleaning will get done. Have I told you all that I hate to clean? Yeah, I thought so. Oh well, that's part of the job. Have a good day. Happy knitting!

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