Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Okay, I was going to post pictures, but the kids used my camera and the battery needs charging! Ugh!

I am working on my June pattern from the Rockin' Sock Club.
Instead of using the yarn that came with it, I am using Crystal Palace Panda Cotton in the Caribean Blue color way. I love the yarn that came with my pattern, but the pattern is a bit busy and I wanted the work to show up. I will probably use the STR yarn for just a basic stockingnet stitch sock.

I am thinking of signing up for the Master's Knitter program. Anyone out there done it? Do you recommend doing it? Cindi at YDK has done it so I know she will be a help if I decide to go for it.

I won't be posting for a few days because Country Jam starts tomorrow. I will be going with Tom tomorrow and then Maggie and I will go on Friday and Saturday. Bon Jovi will be the headliners on Saturday night!! I can't wait. It is weird that my daughter loves this band as much as I do. I'll have lots of pictures on Monday.

Have a great weekend all and Happy Knitting!!

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