Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Here are pictures of my sock yarn scrap blanket. I am having a lot of fun making this.
If you want directions on how to make this blanket, check out Shelly's blog. Her blanket is just beautiful. She was kind enough to send me some left over yarn from her blanket. If anyone else has some scraps, please email me at jaciquigleyATcharterDOTnet and I will send you my snail mail address. I figured out it take approximately 8 yards to do a square.

I am working on socks and my sweater. I need to get most of it done by June 19. Wish me luck!! We want to take pictures of all of the class participants to send to Sally Melville. More baseball and softball games this week. Tom and the boys are off to Milwaukee on Friday for two more Brewer games. I am staying home with Maggie because she has a pool/slumber party for a friend that she doesn't want to miss. I was looking forward to going to Milwaukee to shop cuz my birthday is Sunday, but I understand that when you are 13, going to a pool party and slumber party is much more important than your mom's 43rd birthday. Maggie and I have a bridal shower to attend on Sunday as well. I will have the whole house to myself on Friday night. I can't remember the last time I had this whole house to myself for more than a few hours. What should I do? I will get to watch whatever I want on t.v. and knit into the wee hours of the night!!

Well, it is off to bed for me. Happy knitting!!


Karen said...

Wow, that blanket looks so cute. I've never really had any desire to knit a blanket . . . until now! I'm clicking over to check out the instructions - thanks!!

Anonymous said...

Jaci, this is such a cool idea and such a beautiful blanket in all the best crazy-quilt, sustainable, inspirational, quixotic kind of ways! I'm so glad that you are my SP since you have really inspired me now! I want to make one too... I must make FOs and clear space on the needles and in my mind for this one. Thanks :), Your SP

Life's a Stitch said...

Fabulous idea. Unfortunately I've only made two pairs of socks and I don't predict many more in my future. I have to figure out a creative solution, but for now, I'll live vicariously through yours,

Sheeping Beauty said...

Hi Jaci. . .this is Laura from Yellow Dog (I'm the twenty something Laura who's there a lot!). Click my blog to see my picture. We are both working on Shelly's blanket. . .we should compare! I love the yarn you ordered from her! Would you mind linking my blog it's new. I am going to link you too. My alias is Sheeping Beauty.