Friday, April 13, 2007

This is the sweater I have been working on. I need to finish the back by April 24 which is when the next class meets. I like how it is turning out. I am also working on my Monkey socks. I'm glad that I started over. I am enjoying working on two socks at once. Scout's yarn is great for the Monkey pattern! Maybe I will be able to post a picture sometime this weekend.

Patrick has baseball practice tonight and Maggie has softball practice on Sunday, so I can get some knitting in while they are on the fields with their teams. The sun is shining and we got above 50 today!!! I hope we don't get anymore snow this spring!! I am so ready to open up the house and get the warm fresh air in here!! Happy knitting!

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Dixie, Yellow Dog Knitting said...

Hello, knock knock. Can you come out to play?