Monday, April 30, 2007


We had such a good time in NYC! Boy the time just flew by. The seats we were able to get for both the shows were great. We were in the 5th row from the stage for The Lion King and the 4th row from the stage for Wicked. Our friend's son had a walk on role in Wicked and we all just had tears in our eyes while he was up on stage. He is 16 and I know this won't be the last time he is on a Broadway stage!! We all got to go back stage after the show. It was great.

Maggie just loved the city. I may lose her to a big city some day. She really had fun. We did a ton of walking!! We did some shopping as well as sight seeing. We went to ground zero on Saturday morning. We rode the subway on Friday night. While we were waiting for our train, I noticed a man that looked familiar. It was Gil Rogers from Guiding Light and All My Children!! After Tom and Maggie talked me into it, I went over to him and asked if he was on Guiding Light. He said yes, and I was so excited. I told him I have watched that show since I was 5 years old!! He was so nice and we even got pictures taken with him. I'll try and get it posted soon. I am still trying to figure out how to get the picture from my new camera onto the computer. Somehow I get them loaded on but when I try to upload them to photobucket, it doesn't work. My hubby and I went to Tiffany's!! He bought me a bracelet. I am so lucky!!

I wasn't able to check out any of the yarn shops I wanted to. Just too many things to fit into the short trip. We were with 7 other people, and it gets a bit hard to do everything that all of us wanted to do. We may go back next year and take all the kids. The boys were pretty mad that they didn't get to go, (even though they didn't want to when we made the reservations back in December!)

I need to get dinner started. Hopefully I'll have some fun pictures to post tomorrow. Happy Knitting!!

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Li_B said...

That's my hometown, although I haven't been there for 3o years. I seriously miss the theater opportunities,