Sunday, August 09, 2009

Oh my goodness......

I knew I hadn't been blogging, but I did not realize it's been almost two months!!!! I probably don't have any readers left. I haven't been spinning at all this summer. It's been so busy. I have been knitting but have no finished projects to show off. We've been to Milwaukee a few times to watch the Brewer's play. I was able to see my friend, Becky in July. She moved to Geneva, Illinois three years ago. When we went to Milwaukee one weekend, she and her family went to Lake Geneva, Wisconsin. Maggie and I drove from Milwaukee on a Saturday afternoon to meet up with her. It was so much fun to see her. We went out for dinner with her family then drove back to Milwaukee. Tom and the boys had gone to a baseball game with his brother and nephew, so everyone was happy.

Today I went to a birthday party for twins who are turning three this week. Their mom works for Tom one day a week. They are so darn cute and it's hard to believe that they are three already.

Grant is doing well with his driving. He's been having a good summer just relaxing and hanging out with his brother. He's still working two afternoons a week. He'll probably start delivering flowers this fall. He loves the new Transformers movie and has seen it five times. :)

Maggie is in the Apostle Islands on a kayaking trip with a group from our church. They left on Friday and will be home Tuesday evening. Today was their 13 mile trek. She was so excited for this adventure. Open gym is this week for volleyball and then tryouts begin next Monday the 17th.

Patrick has been having a nice relaxing summer, too. He was able to spend a week in Middleton, WI, with his cousin and loved every minute he was gone. Maggie was at camp the same week, so we had a quiet week here with just Grant home. Tom and I were able to go out for dinner twice that week. :) I didn't do much of anything except read, knit, and hang out on the computer. I figured it was a "staycation" for me.

I'm almost done with my scarf that I posted about in June. I am not faithful to just one project but I really should finish something. I currently have a sweater, scarf, mittens, an afghan, and a pair of baby longies on the needles. Must get those baby longies done before the baby grows too much.

Okay, I'm off to knit. Hopefully I'll be better about blogging. Happy knitting!!!!

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