Sunday, May 10, 2009

Shepherd's Harvest, Lake Elmo, Minnesota

I woke up early yesterday and decided to go up to the Shepherd's Harvest event in Minnesota. Tom and the boys were in Madison and Maggie was at a friend's house. It was such an odd feeling to be able to just make that impromptu decision based on just what I wanted to do. So off I went! I was able to get some wonderful roving for my new spinning wheel. I purchased a Schacht Ladybug wheel. Meet Amelie:

I've already spun up two bobbins worth of singles and have plyed one bobbin. I bought a Niddy Noddy while I was at the festival so I can make the skeins. It is fun to be able to actually spin the yarn and then make something from that handspun. Each Ladybug wheel comes with a small ladybug glued on it somewhere. It is was makes each wheel unique. My little Ladybug is on side of the right leg:
I met up with Shelly and we had so much fun looking at all the wonderful fibers. We also both enjoyed a yummy pulled pork wrap with coleslaw. Messy but good. I haven't been the most consistent blogger in history, but I'm going to try to be better. The best thing about starting a blog was meeting Shelly. I started reading her blog and just commenting and it has turned into a friendship that I cherish. I just wished we lived closer together. I know that at least twice a year we can share our fiber obessions by going to Shepherd's Harvest and the Minnesota State Fair. Perhaps one day when her kids get a little older we can take a road trip down to Milwaukee for the Wisconsin Sheep and Wool Festival.

I do have a finished project to show. I finished these socks in early April, but am just now getting around to posting:
Stats: Knit using Addi Turbos, size OOO
Yarn Garn Studio Fabel purchased at Yellow Dog Knitting
Started April 2008, sat in time out until Fall 2009 and slowly worked on last sock this
spring and finished April 7, 2009

They are snug on the foot and I love that about these socks. I am going to try and make my socks really snug to my feet from now on. I love how they keep my feet nice and warm.

Okay, so Maggie and I are off to New Richmond for brunch with my mom, dad, and siblings. Happy Mother's Day out there to all the wonderful moms and women who are like moms to so many people!!! Also, Happy Knitting!

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Shelly Kang said...

awww. I had a lot of fun hanging out with you yesterday too!