Friday, January 11, 2008

I think I've swallowed a cow.....

Okay, so I didn't really swallow a cow, but I had an endoscopy done and they put a little transmitter into my esophogus. Have you ever swallowed a vitamin, pill, ect. and had it get stuck in your throat? Well, that is how I am feeling. It is not pleasant to say the least. I have to wear this beeper like thing until Saturday morning to monitor the ph level in my stomach and esophogus. Then I take it to the hospital on Sunday and they hook it to a computer and read the data. I have been having digestion issues and have severe acid reflux. I haven't been able to take my Nexium for over a week so they could do this test. I am not a happy girl. Hopefully we will figure out what is going on and I will start to feel better. I am almost finished with the baby sweater. Tom and I are going to Green Bay on Saturday to watch the Packers play the Seahawks. I'll have time to knit on the way over and hopefully finish it. I am very excited to go to the game and I really want the Packers to win and go to the NFC Championship game. If they go to the Super Bowl we will be able to go watch them. The Packers had a random drawing from the season ticket holders, and we scored two tickets. This is a once in a lifetime thing, and I'm really keeping my fingers crossed that they win and get to the Super Bowl.

Well, since it is nearly 1:00 a.m. I should try and go to sleep. I'll have to prop up a lot of pillows and sleep on an angle. This really sucks!!

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Stitches of Life said...

Congratulations your (and mine) Packer's won, hopefully you bundled up, what crazy weather. It looked like they were having a great time playing in the snow.