Thursday, January 24, 2008

DO I LOOK COLD? This was what I looked like on Sunday night at the game in Green Bay. Yes, it was freezing there!! I did get cold even though I had two coats on plus snow pants, hats, mittens, etc. We were so sad that they lost. I think I was in shock actually. No Super Bowl for us. My husband is still taking the loss hard. He was really hoping to go to the Super Bowl. Who knows if we'll get another chance. Oh well, we are saving a lot of money, so that is a good thing.

This is a picture overlooking one of the parking lots. Our brother in-law Denny, Tom, our nephew, Travis, and me in the front. This was taken before the game, notice the happy faces?
Here is a cute picture of Maggie with her team during one of the games on Sunday. They didn't go very far in the tournament, so she was home by 6:00 that day. Maggie is the only face you can see. She had a very nice spike in one game and was happy that her dad, uncle, and cousin made it to the game in time to see her play and do well.

I finished one pair of mittens and am on to the next pair. Last night at church, two of Maggie's guy friends asked for mittens. One wants red mittens with black kidsilk, and the other wants black mittens with red kidsilk. Too funny. I must get knitting. Have a good day. Happy knitting!!

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