Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Just a quick post to say that I am home and doing well after my surgery. The worst thing is the nausea and headache that I have been experiencing, so I am just trying to sleep a lot. Thanks Cindy B., for the prayer shawl! Also thanks to Dixie, Cindi, Jane, Sonja, and Erin from YDK for the beautiful flowers. I received other beautiful flowers too, but my mind is a bit mixed up now. Thanks again for all the well wishes. Happy knitting!!

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Knitt Mitt Kit Swap!!

I received by package from my swap partner today!! I will take a picture and try and post that tomorrow. Vicki made me a beautiful felted bag and included some Cherry Tree Hill sock yarn in the Winterberry color way. Also included was a pattern by Cherry Tree Hill named Supersock Mittens, Brittany #2 double point needles, three packs of Orbit gum, and a package of Haribo Gummy Bears. Thank you so much Vicki!! I can work on these mittens while I recover from my surgery. Again, I'll try to get a picture up asap. Happy knitting!!

Monday, January 22, 2007

Before Christmas I had posted that we were searching for a Nintendo Wii for Grant. Well, yesterday was our lucky day!! Tom got up at 4:30 a.m. and went to Target and stood in line for the "magic ticket"!! I went out there at 6:00 to bring him coffee and a paper. I was willing to trade places with him, but he declined the offer. As a seasoned Green Bay Packer fan, he had all the necessary clothing to keep him warm. He brought home the ticket at 7:15. I went back when the store opened at 8:00 to get the Wii. Grant was so thrilled!! I hope I don't have to buy another game system, ever!! This was too stressful!! We felt like the people from Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory!! We scored a golden ticket! The boys spent most of the day playing the games that Grant got for Christmas.

I am having surgery next Monday, so today I am going to my pre-op visit with the doctor. I am anxious to have the whole thing done. I know a lot of woman who have had hysterectomies and feel so much better afterwards. I just get a bit nervous about being put under. I will have a whole month to recover and knit which sounds wonderful. I have many friends who have offered help with driving my kids to activities and I am so blessed. My neighbors will come over and let Kipper and Todd out while I am in the hospital. I hope to be home by Tuesday.

I am still waiting for my Mitt Kit Swap package to arrive. The one I sent to Canada made it and from the email I got, she liked everything!! Yeah! I need to go get Grant from school. Happy knitting!!

Friday, January 19, 2007

Am I adorable or what? My mom is letting me post on her blog tonight. I love being in my new home!! Here are pictures of my new furry family! First is Kipper, who is being very good to me. He shows me what to do when we are outside. I love playing in the snow and following him around the yard.
Next is my new sister, Gracie. I love chasing her around the kitchen and family room. She is really fast, and she jumps up onto this neat climbing thing and gets away from me!! I know she loves me though!
This is my other furry brother, Richie. He is starting to play with me. I love to growl and bark at him. He just lays on the floor and bats at me with his paws. I know that we are gonna be wonderful friends. My mom said to tell all of you knitting friends that she has been so busy playing and cuddling with me that she hasn't had much time to knit. I think I saw her working on some Packer socks though. Do you think she will knit me a sweater? It is getting really cold outside here in Wisconsin.
Thanks for letting me into your blogland. Mom says she just loves to read about all of you wonderful knitters and your lives. Someday maybe we can meet!! I need to get to sleep now because I have some cats to chase and I need lots of energy for that. P.S. Mom said to tell you all Happy Knitting!! Love, Todd

Thursday, January 11, 2007

Still no pictures!

There have been a lot of pictures taken of Todd, I just don't have any on a CD to load onto the computer. Hopefully by this weekend I can post some. He is a great puppy and we are having a lot of fun with him.

Monday, January 08, 2007

He's here!!!!

We picked up our puppy on Saturday!! Todd is so cute and soft!! I haven't knit a thing since the puppy arrived, but have had lots of fun cuddling and playing with him. He slept in his kennel on my bed the past two nights and has slept all night. His potty training is going well too, we just have to watch him and look for the signals. This morning he went to the door and cried to go out!! I am so proud of him. For those of you who are reading this and not much of a dog lover, I know I sound a bit wacky, but I can't help it!! I adore this little bundle of energy!!

My camera has major problems, i.e. hard drive or some such thing, so I will try to get some knitting pictures on here as well as a few of the puppy, as soon as I figure something out with a camera. I did start a pair of mittens for one of Maggie's friends, and also a pair of socks for me. Happy knitting!!