Monday, January 22, 2007

Before Christmas I had posted that we were searching for a Nintendo Wii for Grant. Well, yesterday was our lucky day!! Tom got up at 4:30 a.m. and went to Target and stood in line for the "magic ticket"!! I went out there at 6:00 to bring him coffee and a paper. I was willing to trade places with him, but he declined the offer. As a seasoned Green Bay Packer fan, he had all the necessary clothing to keep him warm. He brought home the ticket at 7:15. I went back when the store opened at 8:00 to get the Wii. Grant was so thrilled!! I hope I don't have to buy another game system, ever!! This was too stressful!! We felt like the people from Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory!! We scored a golden ticket! The boys spent most of the day playing the games that Grant got for Christmas.

I am having surgery next Monday, so today I am going to my pre-op visit with the doctor. I am anxious to have the whole thing done. I know a lot of woman who have had hysterectomies and feel so much better afterwards. I just get a bit nervous about being put under. I will have a whole month to recover and knit which sounds wonderful. I have many friends who have offered help with driving my kids to activities and I am so blessed. My neighbors will come over and let Kipper and Todd out while I am in the hospital. I hope to be home by Tuesday.

I am still waiting for my Mitt Kit Swap package to arrive. The one I sent to Canada made it and from the email I got, she liked everything!! Yeah! I need to go get Grant from school. Happy knitting!!


Beth said...

Christmas is over - you'd think there would be plenty of Wiis out there now. Glad you finally got one.

You should make up knit kits to knit while you recoup - no hunting for yarn, needles, etc.

lexa said...

WOW! All that to get a Wii! Hot little commodities, I guess.

I agree with Beth, have everything assembled together to make it easier for you. My mother had one done quite a few years back, and she was mighty sore afterwards. Glad that you will have lots of help afterwards with your animals and kids!

Karen said...

Ya ho for getting the Wii!! Best of luck with the surgery. I'm sure everything will go fine. I'll keep you in my thoughts and send you healing energies. :)