Tuesday, October 02, 2007

How's this for distraction?......Cute puppy and a contest!

I have to apologize for the lack of knitting content on this "knitting" blog. I'm not sure what happened to my knitting mojo, but it is just not present at the time. I'm still working on the felted slippers and that's it. I may start a sock today since it is October and time for Socktoberfest. Here is a picture of my cute/naughty puppy! I just love this dog. He will be one on October 26 which also happens to be my husband's birthday too. He loves to find Patrick's shoes!! Now, if the shoes were put in their correct spot this would be a difficult task, but since they are usually just left by the back door, it's not too much of a problem. Just as long as someone catches him before the shoes get eaten!!

On Thursday, Oct. 4 it will be my one year blogiversary!! So I am having a contest. All you have to do is comment and tell me a cute pet story. Pretty simple. As you can tell, I love my pets a lot and have many funny stories I can tell about them. Please share some with me. I will give one commenter a skein of Dream in Color Smooshy yarn in the Nightwatch colorway. I can't seem to locate my camera ( think a child "borrowed" it), but I'll put one up asap. Comments will be taken until Sunday, Oct. 7. I'll just put the numbers in a hat and have a kid pick a number. Thanks!!


Beth said...

Happy upcoming Blogiversary!

Here's something cute about Pearl (or maybe kinky...)

She loves to have her butt scratched. I'm sure you know what I mean. But if I'm busy and there's no one else to do it, she'll rub herself against the edge of the couch. I almost feel like a voyeur watching... ;)

Roladie said...

My cat Hime is a troublemaker! I my old duplex, the light for the bathroom was outside the bathroom next to the door and there were no other lights inside the bathroom. I shut the door to take a shower/bath (of course) but in the past all of my cats would sit outside the door and take turns meowing for me to open the door. If I let them in, they would change their mind in about 20 seconds and meow to get out. So I would just leave them out. But Hime, she figured out how to make sure I responded to her. She learned how to jump up and turn the light off at 9 months! At night I would be reading in the tub, then the whole bathroom would go dark and I would hear the "thump" of Hime landing back on the floor. That little S*#t!! Didn't matter what I did to her, yell at her, squirt her with water, yell at her some more. She didn't stop until we moved. My current house has the old fasioned push in/out light switches, but for the first 3 months Hime kept tring to jump up and turn lights off in several rooms. :-D

Karen said...

Happy Blogiversary!!! I wish I had a pet so I could tell you a cute story. There is a stray cat that's been hanging around our neighborhood, and I've never wanted a cat. But I'm falling hard for this one and seriously considering adopting him (or her?). Either that, or calling the Animal Shelter so someone else can adopt the little guy (gal?). I'm so worried for this little kitty over the winter.

b said...

Happy blogiversary! I only had pets as a kid. Once when we were moving from in town to out in the country, a kitten hitched a ride--literally! He managed to wedge himself under the trailer hitch on my dad's pickup truck, but he hung on the whole ten miles (or however far) back to town to pick up another load.

Beth in WI said...

I grew up in the country, and we had two horses. We would glance out to the barn before we went to bed, just to see if everything looked okay, and sometimes there would still be a light on, and someone would have to get dressed, walk out to the barn, and turn out the light. We were really conscientious about turning the lights off when we left, so we didn't know how the lights were coming on.

Then one day we were in the barn while the horses were in their stalls. Suddenly my horse, Cocoa, thrust out her head, turned it sideways, took the pullstring in her teeth, and pulled it down to turn the light on.

Guess she just wanted a nightlight!

Lisa said...

ahahaha this picture is too adorable! If this had been at my house the shoe would in pieces LOL.