Wednesday, October 08, 2008


I am a bad blogger. I hate to admit that Ravelry has been taking a lot of my time away from my blog. I continue to read a lot of blogs, but just don't post on my own. Knitting has been sparse around here. I've only knit one sock and one scarf since last spring. Ugh!

The kids continue to keep me busy and on my toes!!! Two in high school and one in middle school. WOW! Maggie loves volleyball and her season will end next week. Her team has been very successful. Grant is going to get his Driver's Permit tomorrow and has his first behind the wheel lesson on Friday night. Big stuff for my teenagers. Patrick is adjusting to Middle School after a rough first few weeks. I have had some time to reconnect with some friends now that school is in session. I am back to Bible Study once a week and scrapbooking a few times a month. I do enjoy my time with friends.

Tom has been stressed lately with all of the stuff happening in the stock market and economy, but he is doing okay. He has been putting in 12-13 hour days and is very tired when he gets home. I'm trying to keep things going smoothly at home to help ease the stress. It is no secret to those who know us best that it would bug me when he'd get mad about spending money. I am now thankful that he was always the voice of reason when I'd approach him about spending money. We will be just fine and just need to keep watching what we spend money on. He is confident the market will come back up and we just need to "ride this out".

Well, I think I've rambled on long enough.

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Life's a Stitch said...

I know, Ravelry has really impacted my blog stats.

Looking forward to more stability everywhere - stock markets, family and knitting!