Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Lazy days of summer....that's a laugh!

My life has been crazy running my kids all over for various activities. Grant started a job two afternoons a week, Patrick has baseball, sports training, and band, and Maggie has has two volleyball camps and sports training. Add in a garage sale and just trying to keep up with the house, this is insanity!!!

Next week things slow down a bit. I am looking forward to sitting by the pool and reading for a few afternoons. Let's just hope the weather cooperates. If I had a convertible, I would have an awesome tan from all the driving I've been doing. :)

I started crocheting a bag, but ripped it out last night. I may start over today, or I may just knit something with the yarn. Well, I need to take Grant to work and Patrick to work out. Happy knitting!

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Gracie said...

Hope yall are having a great weekend!